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The Scottyandco Bed & Breakfast is located 2.5 kilometers away from Susa on the right side of the valley, in a village of Gravere called Arnodera. Completely immersed in the green of the mountain, at about an altitude of 800 meters, it can boast a panoramic view of the valley, but above all a splendid sight of Mount Rocciamelone (height above sea level of 3538 mt.) which is located in front of the village on the other side of the valley on the vertical of SUSA..


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    Via Belvedere 16 B, Borgata Arnodera 10050 Gravere ( TO)

    BED&BREAKFAST Scottyandco

    Via Belvedere 16 B, Borgata Arnodera 10050 Gravere ( TO)

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